Amica Chips

ALFREDO’S CHIPS PEPPER 150gr (5.29oz) The simplicity of the best potatoes but with an added touch of pepper.
ALFREDO’S CHIPS SALT 150gr (5.29oz) Thick slices of potatoes seasoned with only grains of salt. A perfect combination, balanced and prep
ALFREDO’S CHIPS BLACK TRUFFLE 100gr (3.52oz) Amica’s premium recipe with the aroma of truffles. Lose yourself in the perfumes of autumn.
ALFREDO’S VEGGY 110gr (3.88oz) The best vegan flavors in an all-Italian potato chip: red, white or green?
BI-BIP 100gr (3.52oz) Make this way. The mini baked breadsticks are coming
POMOD’ORO 100gr (3.52oz) Crunchy, golden and tasty, the original Amica Chips blend with the taste of a great Italian classic