Mozzarella 100% Buffalo Milk


Ingredients: Rich in calcium, high in protein and lactic flora substances, and with a high vitamin and mineral salt content, it is highly nutritional. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a fresh product, rich of live lactic ferments, nutritious and highly digestive.

FormatsCiliegine 30gr, bocconcini 50gr, 125gr e 250 gr

Lactose Free

Format :250gr (8.8 oz)

Large and small braids 

white and smoked

Burrata and Truffle Burrata

Formats:2x125gr (2x4.4oz) -1x250gr (1x 8.8oz)

Buffalo Ricotta

Format: 500gr (17.6 oz)

Buffalo Stracciatella

Format: 250gr (8.8oz)