The word "Terra" in Latin means "earth".  For many it also indicates planet earth.   For others, the word has stronger connotation: it identifies  land, solid ground, homeland. Terra Foods, LLC. with its authentic, genuine Italy's grown products aims to bridge the source of its imported goods with  the concept of  "terra" and bring it all the way to end  consumers.

Italian food has enabled culture gaps to be filled,  it represents  an  implicit yet intimate conversation between people that reaches well beyond the traditional process of language and  communication.   There is no need to speak  the language, Italian food speaks by itself. Terra Foods' goal is continue in this tradition, yet bring it to a higher level, beyond the mere concept of sustenance.   We hope to strength and further solidify  what the market is looking for with innovative and new items sourced in Italy,  while keeping strong the concept of collective memory and identity that Italian  food is linked to.