PESCAMARA TASSONI, cl. 18 (1 cluster x 6 bottles) "Imported from Italy"


PESCAMARA TASSONI – Peach-flavoured carbonated soft drink
Non-alcoholic soft drink in compliance with the DPR of 19 May 1958, No 719 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Water, Vegetable fibre (from chicory), Sugar, Peach juice from concentrate (15%), Carbon dioxide, Acids: malic and citric acid, Natural peach flavouring, Salt, Black carrot and safflower extracts, Natural flavouring of bitter almonds with other natural flavourings.

ALLERGENS: No allergen
USABLE FOR: Vegetarian, vegan, celiac disease, and other.

Pescamara-Bitterpeach: this soft drink takes its inspiration from the recipe of a traditional Piedmontese dessert and its many variations which can be found throughout Italy : peaches with amaretti cookies. The prime ingredients are 15% peach juices, a concentration which magnifies the aromatic notes of this highly fragrant fruit, and an all-natural aroma extracted from bitter almond.

New: Part of the sugar has been replaced by an innovative ingredient made of vegetal fiber to lower calories content

For a unique taste:

before serving your amaretti, sprinkle them with Tassoni Pescamara!

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