Cheese: GRATED PECORINO ROMANO 100gr (3.52oz) "Imported from Italy"


Pecorino romano italian cheese

Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese is a popular ingredient in pasta dishes. It is used to season fillers, for gratinating or as a sliced cheese is a popular ingredient of cheese platters. The taste and consistency of pecorino differ greatly depending on the place of manufacture.

What is Pecorino and what does it look like?

Originally, the Pecorino Romano Italian Chesse was made from sheep's milk. Meanwhile, there are quite a few and cheaper varieties.The Pecorino is an Italian hard cheese, which can look different depending on the production method and variety. The origin of the name is the Italian word Pecora, which means sheep. While the young Pecorino, which is not yet fully matured, has almost white bark, the bark is getting darker with increasing maturity.

Pecorino: part of a good diet?

Every region of Italy knows its variants of Pecorino. The Pecorino bears the epithet "cheese of the centenarians" and is like all cheeses that are very healthy. Among other things, the sheep's milk cheese contains a lot of protein and is a good source of calcium. If the cheese loaf is made from sheep's milk as is traditionally the case, it can also be a tasty alternative for people who have an intolerance to cow's milk.

Also, the Italian hard cheese lower cholesterol and is considered to be lower in fat than other cheeses (fat content: 48 percent fat in dry matter). Nonetheless, it is high in calories, which is why the Pecorino was rather enjoyed in moderation rather than being eaten in bulk.

Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk – Rennet - Lactic Ferments - Egg Lysozyme – Salt

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