Cheese: Auricchio Provolette Giovane (Young Provolette) 800gr (28.21oz) "Imported from Italy"


Soft and delicate thanks to its short maturing period, Auricchio Giovane (Young Provolone) is still produced today following the ancient and traditional recipe of Auricchio Provolone.

It is the perfect ingredient for many traditional first and second courses. Some examples? It can be breaded alla milanese, grilled on a hotplate, diced in salads or can feature in many other tasty appetizers.

Auricchio Giovane, due to its hand-carved and finished shape, makes a fine gift on special occasions, such as Easter and Christmas. Discover all of Auricchio’s ideas in our handy recipe book: For a unique lunch, why not rise to the occasion with an eggplant millefeuille over filled cannoli

MILK                                                                     97,98%
SALT                                                                             2%
RENNET                                                                  0,02%
FOOD PRESERVATIVES      E 203, E 235 (on surface)
MILK FROM                                                               Italy
ALLERGENS                 milk and milk-based Products

Categoria cheese

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