Basket #4-Terra del sole Basket


  1. Terra del sole pasta-Rigatoni
  2. Terra del sole- DOP Sicilian oil. 
  3. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Tertulia D.O.C. - 0.75 lt
  4. Anchovies Fillet in Oil 130g (4.58 oz)
  5. Salame Nostrano with Sicilian Pistacio 250gr (8.8oz)
  6. Caciocavallo Semi aged (21.16 oz)
  7. Galbani Galbanetto 230gr (8.11 oz)
  8. Bomba Calabrese Peccati di Calabria Italian Hot Spread Sauce 10.23 Oz
  9. Torrone Soft Italian nougat with toasted almonds 180gr (6.34oz)
  10. Nduja 250gr (8.8oz)
  11. PARMIGIANO REGGIANO PARMAREGGIO seasoned 22/40 months 200gr (7.05 oz)

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